Enriching the live TV experience
| 31 October 2014
The lines between live TV and video on demand (VOD) services are now blurred - hitting the pause button to take a quick break during a live football game is now a practical expectation.

elemental picYet such features' implementation is only the result of good forward planning. Furthermore introducing live-to-VOD services involves a number of technical and legal factors that can seem daunting when addressing multiple types of devices and networks.

Download this free whitepaper to find out how to address these issues and what are the optimum ways in which to enrich the live TV experience with VOD-based features. It looks at how pay-TV operators can add value to live broadcasts by creating VOD assets in real time and other ways in which to monetise such capabilities through the ability to package live content alongside targeted advertising.

It will give you an insight into

Creating VOD assets from live broadcasts
Support for multiple DRM technologies
Using mezzanine files for multiple VOD services to reduce storage costs
Using JIT packaging to support multiple devices without draining resources
Integrating with third-party ad insertion technologies
Meeting legal requirements for nPVR services
Supporting live-to-VOD across CDNs and at the edge for OTT delivery

In short our whitepaper will reveal how an efficiently configured live-to-VOD system can become a key differentiator for a pay-TV operator against the competition, able to attract new subscribers based on feature richness and also how to drive new sources of revenue through live-to-VOD content monetisation. It's show how when built upon a software platform, a live-to-VOD system can quickly scale up through ground or cloud-based video processing and allowing pay-TV operators who continue to innovate live-to-VOD services to build customer loyalty, extend market reach and generate new revenues streams.

Download our whitepaper here Download our whitepaper here