South Africa announces set-top box subsidies
Rebecca Hawkes
| 03 November 2014
The qualifying criteria for five million low or no-income families to receive subsidised set-top boxes for digital TV reception has been published by the South African Government.

Proposals suggest digital terrestrial television (DTT) set top-box (STB) subsidies should run from 15% for those earning up to ZAR2,499 a month, to 66% of the cost for those households without an income.

In areas where satellite TV is necessary for digital reception, the subsidies proposed should begin at 29% for those earning up to ZAR3,200 a month and range to 77% for no or low income households.

All those receiving subsidies must be South African citizens, have valid TV licences, proof of ownership of an operational television set, and proof of household income or social grant dependency, according to the criteria released by the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA).

Comments on the published criteria must be submitted by 26 November 2014, as part of South Africa's analogue migration process.