Finally have DL software for Medion (original OSD 1.7 or how it was :) ) and yesterday tried to put *.pgm files in my reciever. As I know for now in samsung you can put files with Upload (Write) option in your software.
I did this too in this software and voil everything goes OK. Unfortunately I did not see that if I press Upload key it starts downloading files from sat reciever.
So I've tried to Download with hope of reverse procedure. Unfortunately Iit gives back error (Zmodem as default protocol for this reciever) after 10/10 retries.
So anybody experienced to suggest how to put files in Medion 3000 ?
I've dl latest keys in *.pgm format but I can't put them in reciever.
P.S. Also tried with Uploader v.1 as appropriate software for this reciever.