RealPlayer Cloud logs 8MN users
Michelle Clancy
| 04 November 2014
RealNetworks has clocked more than eight million registered users in 40 countries for its RealPlayer Cloud, a video sharing app that allows users worldwide to easily watch, save and share videos on any device or operating system.

RealPlayer Cloud has been made available on 12 platforms since its launch in late September 2013, including the latest launch on Mac and the imminent launch on Xbox One.

RealPlayer Cloud will soon be available in Xbox One's app store. Later this autumn, users will also be able to upload videos captured on their Xbox One to their RealPlayer Cloud account, so they can share their game-capture videos with friends and watch on all of their devices.

Computers still prove the most popular format for video-watching, but that is changing. Those who are using other devices vastly prefer watching their videos on smartphones (61%) compared to tablets (29%).

The company also said that Chromecast is the most popular streaming device for TVs for RealPlayer Cloud users: 96% of users who stream to their TVs use Google's HDMI dongle.

"Getting personal video to the TV has never been easier," said Jeff Chasen, VP of product and software at RealNetworks. "People love taking their personal videos and watching their life's moments on the big screen. So, as more people discover digital media streaming, we will be interested to see how our fans' habits change and what devices they favour."