DTH drives Mexican pay-TV sector
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 04 November 2014
Satellite technology is clearly leading Mexico's pay-TV sector, gathering almost 1.5 million more subscribers than cable platforms by the end of Q2 2014, according to the federal institute for telecoms, Ifetel, revealing that direct-to-home (DTH) is leading a market which showed a 6.9% growth compared to 2013.

iftMexico reached 15.4 million subs by June 2014, equivalent to 12.9 subscriptions for every 100 inhabitants and indicating more than 50% penetration among Mexican families. According to Ifetel's report, all this growth has been capitalised by DTH platforms, showing 13.79% increasing during Q2.

Satellite pay-TV services are subscribed to by 8.3 million homes in Mexico, over half of subscriptions. The varied and better offers together with improvement in satellite coverage especially away from the largest cities where cable isn't available are among the reasons behind such growth.

On the down side, cable business seems to have stopped growing, showing only 0.27% growth during the second quarter and gathering 6.9 million subs. Although still having a large customer base, cable figures differ markedly from 2013, when cable platforms grew over 15%.

The rest of Mexico's pay-TV market is taken by microwave television or Microwave Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS), which has 122,600 subs in the country.