German regional telecommunications provider M-net wants to launch high-speed internet access with a bandwidth of 300Mbps for private households by the end of the year.

The upload data rate amounts to 30Mbps. The technical precondition for the new service is a fibre-optic connection reaching directly into the home (FTTH). M-net has been rolling out such a broadband infrastructure for several years in parts of Munich, Augsburg, Erlangen and other cities.

The high-speed access will be available to a five-digit amount of households from December 2014, according to M-net, and gradually be expanded.

The bandwidth of 300Mbps enables a data transfer volume of 37.5 MB per second. At this speed, the download of a complete movie in HD quality (file size: 6 GB) takes less than three minutes. Also, parallel video-streams in Ultra HD/4K resolution would be possible on several TV sets or other devices.

The new tariff Surf&Fon-Flat 300 will cost 59.90 per month in the first six months and 69.90 per month afterwards. The one-time installation fee is 39.90 and the minimum contract period 24 months.