TVtibi to stream controversial presidential culinary show
Michelle Clancy
| 05 November 2014
Presidential Culinary Museum and Presidential Service Centre have signed contracts with TVtibi, a global, a-la-carte video platform.

Production of the controversial series Inside the Presidents' Cabinet, which numerous actors have refused to participate in, has begun.

"We seek to surprise the world by humanising the most powerful presidents ever to rule," said former White House and Camp David Resort Chef, Martin Mongiello, who is the producer and director of the series. "We've had numerous present-day Thomas Jefferson actors [who] refuse to be filmed as the president kissing his black lover, Sally Hemmings - in any scene. We will also cover the President bribing people to smuggle rice across the Italian border, his illicit love affairs, fancy for French crème brûlée and love of Italian pasta."

The series covers recipes prepared live by the chefs themselves - as well as controversial issues beyond Jefferson. Along with President Nixon's last supper (and his love of catsup on cottage cheese), President Washington's secret records detail the lives of his black slave servants and his top chef, Hercules, who ran away. Other topics include Julia Child's slam letter on the White House food and service, the Clintons' love of mangoes and bananas, servants who stole from the Presidents' homes and bank accounts, the Bush family's favourite hot sauce and President Lincoln's first love, Ann, and her squash pie.

Pre-production has begun, and principal photography is scheduled for January 2015 with post-production happening in February.