HerelsTV launches TV curation service
Michelle Clancy
| 07 November 2014
HereIsTV has launched a service dedicated to providing editorially-curated TV viewing recommendations.

The service provides a daily directory of eclectic, handpicked – and often unpromoted – content available on TV each night as well as the evening's premiere and finale episodes. HereIsTV also allows users to record the programming to their DVRs by integrating its recommendation service with Comcast, DIRECTV and DISH Network.

"The key differentiator in our service is the human element," said Bruce Eisen, founder and CEO of HereIsTV. "HereIsTV is not based on an algorithm or simply telling you what your friends are watching. Our editorial team is thinking about each show or movie, and making decisions as to what is included each night."

In addition to the evening's broadcast and cable programming, HereIsTV also features content from the major online networks, including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle and AOL. Using HereIsTV's Watch Now function, users can click to start watching the content from the online providers without navigating away from the HereIsTV website.

The company has also launched HereIsVOD, a guide to the week's new VOD movies. It provides a synopsis of each film, its cast, director, a video preview and a digest of the film's reviews. There is also a separate, weekly HereIsVOD newsletter so users can receive the HereIsVOD information delivered directly to their inbox every Tuesday morning.

"As a distributor of content across multiple platforms, we use HereIsTV and HereIsVOD to communicate with a very desirable demographic," said Eric Doctorow, CEO and founder of Random Media. "Not having the name recognition of the major studio films, we have found that the more that people know about our films, the greater the viewing of our films. The HereIsTV platform allows us to provide that expanded information to a key user base."