Need for reliable, high performance content delivery soars
Joseph O'Halloran
| 07 November 2014
As video traffic grows spectacularly, if not exponentially as some say, the business rationale for effective content delivery network grows commensurately according to a survey from Limelight Networks.

LimelightIndeed the survey from the CDN firm found that there were a number of common challenges related to the storage, management and delivery of digital content as organisations became more focused on worldwide expansion. The result, said Limelight, was that such firms' content needs to be available to consumers all day, every day, regardless of geographic location.

In the survey, 85% of respondents indicated 24/7 delivery of content is now a requirement, with 58% highlighting the need for worldwide content delivery. Nearly two-thirds (63%) indicated the importance of reaching customers in multiple geographies, while two-fifths cited a company requirement to move growing amounts of data. A similar percentage reported problems with Internet reliability and speed. Almost half, 45%, noted that unpredictable and significant spikes in demand were common.

Companies also revealed that they face challenges storing their digital content for a variety of reasons. Origin content is growing rapidly, creating increased storage demands and the need for remote accessibility. Thus 70% said that they require the assurance of 24/7 data access and availability while 47% cited the challenge of capacity planning for increased demand. A further 40% revealed the need to access origin content from multiple locations.

"Today content owners are required to move exponentially more complex objects videos, images, web content, software releases, and updates to their customers on a broad scale," said Kirby Wadsworth, CMO of Limelight. "They are increasingly relying on this digital content to operate global businesses. Only CDNs that deliver customer content with exceptional reliability and performance worldwide can meet these needs."