HbbTV offers a clear opportunity for the development of terrestrial TV broadcasting, according to Martin Gebauer, the CEO of the Czech national transmission company Ceske Radiokomunikace (CRa).

Speaking at the Innovational Day conference, he added: “the Czech Republic is among the countries with the fastest adoption of HbbTV broadcasts in Europe. This gives broadcasters the opportunity to prepare in advance for quality HbbTV applications and content and to prepare the audience for their use”.

At the conference, Gebauer presented CRa’s integrated technology platform for OTT services and the benefits of HbbTV.

The public broadcaster Ceske Televize (CT) pioneered HbbTV in the Czech Republic and TV Ocko, in cooperation with CRa, has also been active in the sector.

In TV Ocko’s case, the number of HbbTV app users now significantly exceeds the number visiting its website.

More recently, the national commercial broadcaster FTV Prima, which is backed by MTG, has been trialing HbbTV since September.