Venezuela's Telesur targets US TV with English version
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 08 November 2014
In order to celebrate its first decade on air, Telesur, Venezuela's national news channel, plans to expand its English version, currently available on the Internet, through the US cable and satellite platform as of 2015.

telesurAccording to Helga Malavé, communications director at the public channel, the signal will broadcast on traditional TVs once its line-up is completed, as it currently broadcasts 12 hours per week.

In about three or four months, Telesur will have 12 hours of daily programming and “in July 2015 we should have a 24/7 English schedule,” said Malavé. “Then, it will be possible for Venezuelans to watch two different Telesur channels, one in Spanish and one in English, on a regular TV.”

Once the English line-up is finalised, the network will be launched on traditional TV platforms, and will be immediately available via US cable and satellite services.

The main goal of the English version is to reach the non-Spanish population in America and Europe, in order to deliver information from a Venezuelan point of view. The channel's direction shows ambition and said it may also launch an Arabic and Chinese version.

“The main idea is to create a non-selective network which can be deliver in any language,” added Malavé.