TP Vision is betting on Android OS for its smart TVs, but at the same time keep sits Net TV portal alive.

Speaking at the TNO IPTV Seminar in The Hague, Jeroen Jansen, business dvelopment smart TV at TP Vision/Philips, said the manufacturer has a world first by launching nan Android OS powered smart TV in the Nordics in September 2014.

Roll-out of the Andoird OS powered high-end TVs is now following in other territoriesNext year, most Philips TV models will feature the operating system.

“Android Tv is not Google TV,” according to Jansen, who remarked there are three versions of Android TV, certified, uncertified and open source. Philips TVs are certified, which includes full access to the Google Plasy store. Philips is the first manufacturer to use the OS, but next year Sony and Sharo will follow.

Uncertified Android OS will be used by B and C brands, mainly in China; while the open source version is expected to be used by gaming consoles, STB manufacturers, telcos (including Swisscom), and Amazon Fire TV.

How do Android, Net TV and Smart TV Alliance strategies fit together? Jasnsen said that the two portals will sit alongside each other and will be complememtary. The Google Play store is not directed by TP Vision.

With regards to the STB-less initiative TP Vision is working on the development of apps with telcos. “The time is right for STB-less services, and integrating STB functionality in a smart TV giving viewers easy access to operator services.”

The STB-less app is now live on the TIM IPTV service in Brazil, which offers their services directly on smart TVs. The company is now looking to do its first deal with a European operator.