Modern Times Group (MTG)-backed CTC Media has become the first company in Russia to make its own second screen app for a Russian TV series.

It will start working on November 17, giving access to the second series of the popular Molodezhka.

Commenting on the development, Yuliana Slashcheva, CEO of CTC Media, said: “The CTC Media development strategy foresees a transformation from traditional corporation broadcasting over the air to a content company distributing our products in all environments, wherever our viewer is. In order to implement this concept, we were the first company on the Russian market to create a trans-media division, and we invited Alexei Pivovarov to head it.

“We are happy with our growth rate in this direction. After nine months, revenue from the trans-media division has grown by 55% from the comparable period a year earlier. Today we are a leader both from the point of view of financial indicators and of technological solutions. We are proud to present the first full-fledged second screen app made for a Russian series — the second season of our hit, Molodezhka.”