Online video drives smart TV increase in Spain
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 13 November 2014
With over 4.5 million devices sold, smart TVs are currently the most popular way of watching connected TV in Spain, with online programming and better networks are driving consumption, although most viewers still use connected TVs as a complement to traditional TV.

iabtvStill, 30% of smart TV owners said they have completely dropped traditional TV, according to the latest report from Spain's Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Nearly one out of four smart TV users has reduced traditional TV consumption, although 73% said they use connected screens to watch programmes they had missed on traditional networks.

The increasing activity on smart and connected screens is being driven by online video, which is watched by 27% of users. Apart from smart TVs, online video is mostly consumed via smartphones (18% penetration) and tablets (12%), although computers (82%) are still topping the figures.

According to the report, video-on-demand (VOD) and exclusive online programming are becoming more popular among Spanish viewers, with most even showing interest in paying for a stable and advertising-free online video platform. Still, free services as YouTube (76%) and Vimeo (12%) gather most video-related traffic, with pay-TV platforms such as Canal+'s Yomvi (10%) and (5%) still far behind.

"The IAB report shows the progressive and deep change in audience's media consumption behaviour," explained Angel Fernández Nebot, country manager of Smartclip, which took part in the research. "Connected TV is on the up and its advertising capability is huge, as it's a non-saturated environment."

However, in spite of smart TV users saying they are cutting the traditional TV cord, connected devices face connectivity problems in Spain, with nearly half of 4.5 million smart devices not being properly used due to lack of broadband.

"TV evolution into connectivity is a reality, opening many opportunities to users and advertisers," said Antonio Traugott, general manager, IAB. "Smart TV's penetration will keep growing and drawing more investment, speeding up the digital transformation of traditional TV."