GS Group has launched the first tablet computer designed for viewing Russia’s Tricolor TV, Russia’s leading DTH platform.

Known as Tricolor TV GS700, it features preinstalled specialised software, developed by the holding company, that allows subscribers to view the service from anywhere in their household with Wi-Fi signal reception.

The tablet operates as an independent screen in conjunction with a set of two General Satellite digital HD set-top boxes, the GS E501 and the GS S591.

This provides the viewer with the opportunity to have access to different content on two TVs simultaneously by using one smart card.

The device is also compatible with the GS U510, GS E212 and GS B211 receivers and acts as a mobile remote control.

It comes with the pre-installed apps Play.Tricolor, Kino.Tricolor and Guide.Tricolor, which allow viewers to view and control the service.

The GS700 will be available in retail outlets and the online store Cyberry.

According to Vedomosti, GS Group expects to sell up to 100,000 by the end of the year, 65,000 of which will be with attachments.