RTM to start Malaysian DTT pilot by end 2015
Rebecca Hawkes
| 14 November 2014
Malaysian public broadcaster, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), will start digital terrestrial television (DTT) trials in the third quarter of 2015, according to the Bernama agency.

The DTT infrastructure platform is yet to be completed, but studio preparations have already been made at RTM.

"Preparing the infrastructure as a whole, God willing, we expect in 2016. The expected analogue broadcasts will be discontinued around 2017 or 2018," Minister of Communications and Multimedia Ahmad Shabery Cheek told the Dewan Rakyat, the lower house of Malaysia's Parliament.

The minister said that although Malaysia's DTT programme has fallen far behind its original 2012 target, neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, have also faced digital TV roll-out delays.

DTT infrastructure is already installed in Northern Malaysia and also on the east coast states of Sabah and Sarawak, and there will be a transition period where analogue and digital broadcasts are both aired when the trial begins, he said.

In January 2014 Puncak Semangat won the bid to develop the country's DVB-based DTT infrastructure, including a digital multimedia hub and a network of high, medium and low-powered digital TV transmitters nationwide. When complete, the infrastructure should be capable of carrying up to 45 standard definition or 15 high definition digital TV channels.