Online shopping push to spur digital video ads
Michelle Clancy
| 14 November 2014
The holiday shopping season is upon us once again, and advertisers are at the ready. The stores may not be as full as they once were though: 68% of consumers plan on doing most or all of their holiday shopping online.

That's according to YuMe's research results on consumers' planned behaviour for this year's shopping season, which found that the computer remains the dominant e-commerce mechanism, with 85% likely to make a purchase using a PC or Mac.

That said, 25% are likely to make a purchase via smartphone; and 22% are likely to make a purchase using a tablet. And 58% of consumers plan to use one or more connected devices to shop online.

All of these trends however bode well for an uptick in digital video advertising especially considering that more than a third of consumers plan to watch product videos this holiday shopping season on their smartphones.

"This year, consumers are likely to go online to not only purchase gifts but also to prepare for their holiday shopping," said Paul Neto, director of research and technical marketing at YuMe. "In order to strategically target audiences this holiday season, the multiscreen strategy is important for advertisers to adopt."

The survey also found that 86% of consumers are enticed by 'free shipping' promotions; 79% of consumers shop online in order to take advantage of online-only deals.