Farncombe launches UltraHD security audit service
| 14 November 2014
Broadcast technology and operational services specialist Farncombe has enhanced its portfolio of security audits with a service designed to help VOD providers and broadcasters secure UltraHD content.

ppp 4 5 second screen lifestyleWith protecting the integrity of content a vital aspect to 4KTV development, and with the consequences of losing master quality content to pirates is the stuff of nightmares for content providers, Farncombe believes that there is an opportunity to strengthen existing practices and procedures.

The company regards the current MovieLabs specification for enhanced content protection for UltraHD and other next generation video content as containing a number of recognisable technologies - such as hardware root of trust, secure video pipeline and watermarking * but also including other new requirements, such as security monitoring, software and title diversity, and third party certification, which are less familiar. Farncombe also notes that the specification also states that each studio will independently determine which requirements are applicable to its content.

"Because the MovieLabs specification proposes a number of different requirements depending on the video delivery system, there's a level of uncertainty in the industry," explained André Roy, Security Practice Leader at Farncombe. "There's a lot of pressure on companies who license content to meet the Hollywood studios' high standards of security. With this new audit service we can help clients navigate the myriad options and help them implement a robust security system in partnership with their preferred technology solution provider."

Farncombe's new security audit services Farncombe's new security audit services feature a standardised methodology for reviewing security system implementations, including materials handling, business processes, system architecture, device security, governance and end-to-end implementation.