Dutch VOD service Videoland has now launched on Chromecast for both Android and iOS devices.

Videoland, which is majority owned by private broadcaster RTL, operates a two-tiered VOD service, consisting of SVOD and TVOD. Under the Videoland Unlimited brand, viewers have unlimited access to a library of TV series and movies, while more recent films are offered on a transactional basis.

The VOD portal is available on a limited number of platforms (KPN, Delta and Caiway), but also OTT on smart TVs and via Apple TV’s Airplay.

In a related development, Videoland has launched a new VOD app on Samsung smart TVs, with other devices following soon. The new app should place the streaming service in a better position against its main competitor, Netflix.

The app, created by Amsterdam-based TV app developer 24i, introduces several new features and compatibility with an extended range of TV-platforms. Among the new features is the option to have multiple user profiles in one account, individually keeping track of each user’s preferences and progress in films and series.

“Competition in the VoD market is soaring, so it was necessary to take Videoland to the next level. Now, the combination of premium content and an excellent user interface based on the latest technologies delivers a one of a kind experience”, said Co Mast, CEO of Videoland’s parent company The Entertainment Group.