VSN adds OCR to media management solution
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 17 November 2014
Spain's VSN has added an optical character recognition (OCR) system to VSNExplorer, its media and business process management solution in order to move offer a complete work-flow integration for broadcasters and media companies.

vsnocrThis new tool will enable users to automatically catalogue photographs and images from Web pages, PDF documents and all kinds of digital media. In this way, VSN's multimedia asset management (MAM) suite increases performance and adds automatic cataloguing features without requiring user commands or actions.

OCR technology allows the conversion and digitalisation of text that is part of the visual content that companies manage and the extraction of metadata to adequately classify them. With this integration VSNExplorer is now capable of managing this content without requiring user supervision, increasing efficiency and work-flow speed and performance.

"The market demands this feature. At VSN we develop our solutions with a strict protocol focused on the priorities of our clients, always meeting their needs to discover the latest innovations to make their work easier," said Manuel Escribano, VSN's chief technology officer.

The VSNExplorer solution, developed for the management of multimedia content, has been delivered to several companies around the world, with special attention to Latin American broadcasters. Its family includes PAM (Production Asset Management), MAM (Media Asset Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) modules.