TWC completes Maxx upgrade in LA, NYC
Michelle Clancy
| 17 November 2014
Time Warner Cable (TWC) has completed the roll-out of its TWC Maxx programme in Los Angeles and New York City.

More than seven million households in these areas now have Internet speeds up to six times faster than before, and an advanced TV experience with an enhanced DVR with more storage and recording capabilities. Customers can simultaneously record up to six different programmes at once, and have the ability to save 150 hours of high definition content. Video improvements also include more on-demand choices and an all-digital line-up.

The service transformation was announced by TWC in January 2014, and the enhancements have been rolled out in stages by area as TWC completed a top-to-bottom network evaluation and upgrades to support the advanced services.

"[This] marks an important milestone in Time Warner Cable's commitment to provide our customers with best-in-class products and service," said Time Warner Cable chairman and CEO Robert Marcus. "Every customer in our two largest markets now has access to the superfast Internet and new TV experience promised by TWC Maxx."

TWC already has begun an upgrade for Austin, Texas, and has committed to roll out in seven additional markets in 2015: Kansas City, Dallas, San Antonio, San Diego, Hawaii, Charlotte and Raleigh. The Internet speed enhancements are now available to all Austin-area customers, and the upgrade to an all-digital line-up is underway.