Sky Italia gets personal with ContentWise OTT discovery
| 17 November 2014
As it rolls out its new Sky Online over-the-top (OTT) online video service, Sky Italia has selected discovery solutions firm ContentWise to power personalised recommendations.

Sky Online is designed to offer subscribers access to the formidable content catalogue including films, sports and TV series. The entire offering will be available online to create an enhanced viewer experience accessible from any device. The implementation is designed to address Sky Italia's need to maximise revenue through multiscreen content discovery experiences and combines discovery, content recommendations and viewing like never before.

It will be deployed as part of a systems integration project managed by Ericsson.

The ContentWise solution offers Sky Italia complete management of Sky Online through use of its multi-device content publishing tool, which enables content curators to deliver targeted video recommendations. The solution also offers interactive analytics, providing insights such as recommendations effectiveness and user engagement.

"Creating amazing entertainment experiences always means putting the customer first," explained Pier Paolo Tamma, CIO, Sky Italia. "As viewers demand more relevance and convenience in the content they consume, our goal is to make sure they can enjoy moving effortlessly across discovery patterns. Selecting ContentWise's solution makes this vision a reality."