Vestel partners with YuMe to extend O2 connected TV offering
Joseph O'Halloran
| 18 November 2014
Video brand advertising solutions provider YuMe has struck an exclusive partnership with TV manufacturer Vestel to launch a major branding campaign for UK telco O2 based on a new ad unit designed specifically for connected TV.

Doc1 page1 image1The O2 campaign, which runs until the end of November, is centred on driving awareness that O2 is a provider and facilitator of smart tech including connected devices such as tablets, smartphones and wearables. O2's media agency ZenithOptimedia chose the Captivate CTV unit to adapt its TV ad creative for connected TV viewing. The campaign also offers additional branding elements designed to maximise engagement through the connected TV experience.

"Innovation is at the heart of everything that O2 does", explained Simon Valcarcel, O2's brand, creative and media lead. "So the opportunity to launch a new ad experience for our customers on the newest screen was a natural fit for our brand."

In addition to premiering the new YuMe Captivate ad unit, O2 will also be the first European brand to run on Vestel's smart TVs, due to an exclusive partnership between YuMe and the set manufacturer which not only enhances YuMe's connected TV video offering in Europe but also complements its current partnerships with Samsung and Toshiba.

"Collaborating with YuMe assures premium advertisers that the most dynamic and relevant ads are brought to millions of users across Europe", added Vestel general manager Metin Salt. "Vestel's penetration of smart TVs and entrance into the mobile and tablet space will allow for much greater use of data between devices, making advertising more compelling to the user as it becomes more relevant and engaging."