IPTV to account for a quarter of UK TV views by 2018
| 18 November 2014
Research from Quantum-Web has revealed the success of BT and TalkTalk in driving the UK IPTV market which the analyst predicts will account for 23.7% of media connections by 2018.

If this is realised it would mark significant growth for IPTV in a market with not only fierce cable and satellite rivals but also a very strong DTT sector. Quantum-Web calculates that IPTV's share was
7.4% at the end of 2013 and is set to reach 14.9% by the end of this year.

Noting drivers for this growth, Quantum-Web cited supply-side factors such as all the major UK broadcasters now offering a variation of the iPlayer and UK smartphone penetration which is now over 70%. It also highlighted what it called 'compelling' demand side factors such as consumers attributing a high value convenience in being at the front-edge of iPlayer offerings and development.

Quantum-Web forecasts that in terms of absolute connection numbers, IPTV will overtake Cable towards the end of 2018 as DTH connection numbers decline modestly as providers of these services aggressively market compelling service bundles and content propositions, especially sports and own-produced programming, to protect their base.