Video gaming channel Ginx has signed its first distribution agreement in South Africa with the new MobileTV platform.

Following tests in December, MobileTV will launch Ginx’s 24/7 channel to all its subscribers on New Year’s Day 2015.

Ginx, the world’s only international channel dedicated to video-gaming and video-gaming culture, is growing its footprint around the world and is localised in over 40 territories and nine languages.

The international channel focuses on all forms of video-gaming, ranging from console and PC games to mobile games and apps, as well as reporting from major video-gaming events such as E3, Paris Games Week and Gamescom, behind the scenes at major developers and covering the burgeoning eSports scene.

Commented Ginx CEO, Michiel Bakker: “We are very excited to be making our first step into South Africa, Africa’s biggest TV market. Video-gaming is now a massively mainstream leisure activity and it is fantastic that we are able to bring the channel to South African gamers as part of this deal with MobileTV”

“We are absolutely over the moon in securing this sought-after platform”, added founder-chairman Mothobi Mutloatse

“As an innovative digital broadcaster focused on compelling and in-your-face premium content, our partnership with Ginx is a game changer in many ways, to use a pun.”

Trials on the Freevision platform are to commence on December 1, with the commercial launch on MobileTV’s bouquet Movielicious launching on New Year’s Day 2015.