Babylon Media Company has signed a contract for the lease of one transponder on Yahlive, the UAE-based satellite broadcasting company.

With 13 TV channels already on Yahlive including Korek TV and Kanal 4 TV, Babylon Media Company plans to add at least four more exclusive TV channels on Yahlive’s Eastern beam.

With the additions of these channels, Yahlive aims to cater to the Kurdish community living in Iraq, as well as across the East beam region; the Levant, GCC and South West Asia.

“The partnership with Babylon is contributing to the continuing expansion of Yahlive’s growing portfolio of channels and helping drive success in 2015,” said Sami Boustany, CEO of Yahlive.

“We are delighted to welcome on board the additional new channels that will serve and meet the needs of the Greater Kurdistan, a key audience for us. This is also further testament that Yahlive is becoming the satellite of choice for viewers in Iraq and across the Region.”

“We at Babylon Media are very excited on this new milestone for our company and the Kurdistan region as a whole,” added Salwan Zaito, CEO of Babylon Media Company.

“After much research, we found Yahlive to be the suitable partner for Babylon Media’s television outlets in the 21st century. We are looking to make an international presence, and we believe that Babylon Media will become a household name in the coming future with Yahlive as its partner. ”

Babylon Media Company was established in the Netherlands in 1998. In 2005, the company decided to transfer its business and expertise to Iraq, especially in Kurdistan Region. Babylon Media Company has now been in the region for more than 15 years, focusing on providing communications solutions and media services.