Squeeze launches Sorenson into broadcasting
| 19 November 2014
Video encoding specialist Sorenson Media has launched an end-to-end video platform for broadcasters that will enable encoding, storage, streaming and play-out across all connected devices.

The new Squeeze 360 product is intended to reflect the company's expansion into the world of television with a platform that will enable broadcasters to distribute content digitally across connected devices. The solution is capable of delivering both live and on-demand video to all connected devices able to allow broadcasters to integrate live feed and library content into an over-the-top (OTT) live stream or video-on-demand (VOD) service.

Sorenson Media plans to introduce the Squeeze 360 platform in local markets, focusing its efforts on providing solutions to local broadcasters. Local broadcasters will be able to distribute content such as evening news and local sports games digitally, allowing consumers to view the content anytime on any device whether live or VOD.

"Squeeze 360 heralds the next step in our evolution as a company as we expand into the world of broadcast television," remarked Marcus Liassides, president and CEO of Sorenson Media www.sorensonmedia.com. "We're seeing some significant shifts in consumer viewing habits and the devices they use to view content. Squeeze 360 as well as other upcoming Sorenson products will assist broadcasters in their efforts to adapt and thrive in this dynamic and evolving digital age."