Mobile video to form majority of wireless traffic by 2020
| 19 November 2014
The latest Ericsson Mobility Report has revealed a short-term future world in which mobile telephony will not only be ubiquitous but also where mobile TV and video finally proliferate.

Rapid TV news 19 nox 2014-1 page1 image2The communications giant predicts that by 2020 90% of the world's population over six years old will have a mobile phone, and smartphone subscriptions are expected to top 6.1 billion.

Drilling down, the survey projects mobile video traffic will increase tenfold and constitute 55% of all mobile data traffic by 2020. Indeed video is the largest and fastest growing segment of mobile data traffic and continues to dominate mobile networks. Ericsson says that in 4G-dominated networks video currently constitutes 45-55% of mobile traffic, driven largely by increased usage of video streaming and improvements in the mobile video experience.

Moreover the report states that video is increasingly appearing as part of other online applications such as news and adverts, and on social media platforms. At the same time, growth in video streaming is being driven by access to over-the-top (OTT) services and content, such as those provided by leading online video platform YouTube.

Another driver for the update, says the report, is that devices used to watch video are also evolving. The fact that so many have larger screens, enabling higher picture quality for streamed video, is, says the mobility report, resulting in video being consumed on all types of devices and in higher quantities, both at home and on the move.