The problem of piracy is likely to be contained by 2020, according to Patrice Slupowski, VP digital innovation, Orange France Telecom.

Speaking in a Q&A at the OTTTV World Summit, he also said that perhaps the biggest revolution to date in digital TV is likely to place in discovery.

Orange has already embarked on the process through its new Polaris interface, which is very simple and has the same appearance on all screens.

Slupowski in addition referred to the wall as “the next frontier” and that by 2020 it will become the screen.

Furthermore, while 4K will be established, it may still be too early for 8K to make an impression.

Slupowski also said that rights owners need to evolve and that there would be additional revenue opportunities available to them by 2020.

Asked if viewers could expect to see the cost of services fall, he said it was unlikely in the US but possible in other markets.

Interestingly, Slupowski also predicted that by 2020 we will be living in a “world of sensors”, all of which will be producing data. Some of these sensors would be open, others hidden away.

However, at the end of the day consumers should have a say it how the data they produce is used.