DeporTV launches on cable in Argentina
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 20 November 2014
By the end of November, Argentina's public sports network DeporTV will be available on the country's cable platforms following its success on both DTT-based free-to-air TV and online.

deportv"We are very happy because the signal has grown a lot and has achieved high quality standards," said Tristán Bauer, responsible for Argentina's TV and radio. "And from now on the network will also reinforce its programming."

As it's a public signal, Bauer has said that it is mandatory for the cable operators to include DeporTV on their schedules from 26 November, according to national news bureau Télam.

DeporTV broadcast the entire Brazilian World Cup last summer, with the Spanish basketball World Cup, the Argentinean football league and the NBA playoffs completing a successful year with growing audience figures. The signal has also been launching and improving its own programming with shows like Fútbol Para Todos, Mundo Leo, Alma Naranja, Somos Fútbol or Ídolos por el mundo,