Pain is in Spain as UK, Germany lead in Euro pay-TV
| 20 November 2014
Pay-TV adoption in Germany and the UK has reached levels of penetration nearly double that found in other key markets, in particular Spain, according to data from Parks Associates.

ppp 4 5 second screen lifestyleRevealing its latest pay-TV research and recommendations at CONNECTIONS Europe: Monetizing Strategies for the Connected Consumer, Parks disclosed that for Germany and the UK pay-TV penetration of broadband households is 86% and 78% respectively, but for the Iberian TV powerhouse it is only 47%. This figure is surprising given the appetite for TV in the country and the influence its TV market has on a global basis.

"Spanish broadband households show enthusiasm for online video, with our research showing 54% watch free online video at least once a month, compared to 40% in the UK and 26% in Germany," commented Brett Sappington, director, research, Parks Associates.

Parks also revealed that a tenth of Spanish broadband households with a pay-TV service plan to change to a new service provider in the next 12 months, compared with 9% in the UK and 4% in Germany. Several pay-TV providers plan use over-the-top (OTT) services and second-screen features to attract subscribers or to motivate upgrades to premium services.