GS Summit 2014: General Satellite gears up for Asian, LATAM expansion
| 19 November 2014
Proving that TV everywhere is more a statement of fact than a product, the GS Group has revealed plans to expand significantly not only in its traditional Asian strongholds but also in Latin America.

Kicking off the GS Summit 2014 in St Petersburg, Sergey Dolgopolskiy, GR, PR and IR director of the company's non-Russian projects division, revealed two key wins in Pakistan and Bangladesh for services which will come on stream in the first half of 2015.

The Bangladesh project is very much a key example of what the GD can do in a nascent market, explained project manager Vladimir Belyaev. "Bangladesh is a unique county. There are 30 million TV households but there are only a couple of cable providers. Few of them are local and a number are illegal services from India. There is a big legal pay-TV opportunity."

Belyaev accepted that Bangladesh was a very price-sensitive market and that a lot of the boxes in the region cost less than $25. In addition, around four-fifths of the TV homes have CRT TVs, 30% of which are black and white.

What this all means is that the company's price proposition has to respect these dynamics and provide an alternative to the region's local cablecos. Indeed Belyaev stressed that the GS would bring not just technology but a new TV culture to TV providers in the country. This would take the form of four new ways of paying for TV services such as from electronic terminals, mobile payments, ATMs and online sources