Although DSL accounts for almost three in four fixed broadband connections in Spain, FTTH is growing steadily.

Data produced by the regulator CNMC shows that as of the end of September there were 9,412,921 DSL connections, down slightly on the 9,466,122 a year earlier, with Telefónica claiming 4,667,344 of the total.

FTTH meanwhile accounted for 1,222,163 connections, or over double the 509,316 a year earlier, with Telefónica accounting for 1,068,389 of the total.

The latter figure was just over double the 499,010 the incumbent had a year earlier.

Cable (HFC) had 2,088,797 connections, up from 2,011,473 a year earlier.

Overall, Telefónica remains the leading provider of fixed broadband services in Spain, with 5,735,733 of the country’s total of 12,723,881 as of this September.

Cable operators claimed 2,187,137 and other providers 4,801,011.