Video streaming changes the TV habits of consumers in Germany with one out of three video streaming users (33%) replacing conventional television completely or partially through streaming offerings.

This corresponds with 13 million citizens, according a survey conducted by Bitkom Research and Aris among 1,004 people from 14 years of age for German high-tech industry association BITKOM.

Almost one out of two streaming users (44%) say that they watch less TV via cable or satellite since they have started consuming video content through the internet. Almost one out of five streaming user (18%) would be prepared to abandon conventional television completely in future.

“The next viewer generation will hardly know fixed TV broadcasting times,” BITKOM expert Timm Hoffmann said in Berlin. “Through catch-up services, video portals and on-demand offerings, viewers will be able to compile their own TV composition on the internet.”

In total, three out of four internet users (73%) use video streams, corresponding with around 40 million people. In contrast, only one out of four internet users (27%) download and save videos first before watching them.