To offer TV networks in Japan local support for their channel expansion, regionalization, OTT and Ad monetization needs

Tokyo November 20, 2014- Amagi, the leader in cloud-based TV broadcast platforms and Alvix Corporation, Japan's reputed TV broadcast equipment and software provider today announced their strategic partnership on the sidelines of Inter BEE 2014. The partnership creates new opportunities for Alvix's clients to drastically reduce their capital expenditure for launching new TV channels.

Amagi uses its patented cloud-based technologies to create an entire playout management infrastructure, and to localize content and advertisements to suit regional viewer preferences, regulatory or content licensing needs. Amagi's infrastructure and platforms enable traditional as well as OTT delivery of TV channels.

"Amagi's platforms are secure, reliable, flexible, and has consistently delivered 99.99 percent broadcast SLAs at less than half the cost of a traditional broadcasting system. Our customers are already showing a keen interest in Amagi's platforms and we are very excited to bring Amagi's patented and path-breaking technology to Japan. It certainly opens the doors for TV networks to further deliver targeted content on TV and cater to diverse needs of audiences in Japan. Alvix will provide the required support to such potential customers," said Alvix Corporation.

Amagi has its edge servers installed in more than 10 countries. "Japan is a focus market for us. The partnership with Alvix will not only enhance accessibility of Amagi platforms in the region but also accelerates adoption of future-ready cloud technologies for TV broadcasting in Japan. We are confident and very excited that we can together create a lasting impact in the country's TV broadcasting landscape," said Amagi.

Alvix Corporation is showcasing Amagi's time-tested and patented products at its booth (#3001) at the ongoing Inter BEE 2014 show in Tokyo.