Comcast, NBCUniversal reveal content hackathon results
Michelle Clancy
| 21 November 2014
NBCUniversal and Comcast have announced the results of their second hackathon – themed New Forms of Storytelling Driven by Technology – which took place on 15-16 November.

The event offered contestants content from Hollywood blockbusters such as the Fast & Furious franchise, NBC's hit competition show The Voice, Syfy series Battlestar Galactica and Telemundo's super series El Seρor de los Cielos – in English and Spanish.

Participants vied for up to $25,000 in cash and prizes, the opportunity to pitch their ideas to Comcast and NBCUniversal, and a VIP experience – including an exclusive behind the scenes tour – at a live production of The Voice. NBCUniversal film and TV executives were on hand to advise and guide ideas.

"This LA-based Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon was enthusiastically received by the tech community with more than 150 participants and 38 teams," said Sanjay Macwan, senior vice president and CTO of NBCUniversal Media Labs. "This was a terrific way to build on the spectacular successes from our inaugural hackathon, while continuing to explore disruptive technologies that can help us create richer consumer experiences."

The grand prize winner was Top3IWannaSee, which aimed at turning film lovers into movie advocates. Top3IWannaSee creates shareable representations of a consumer's top movies choices, while allowing for an integrated ticket purchase. Dayla Gershtein and Daniel Yaroslavski from Irvine, California developed the winning concept.

Other winners included:

The NBC Entertainment The Voice Challenge winner was BusyBits, a second-screen experience that aggregates data for continuous delivery to mobile devices – highlighting episodes, artists and coaches – so that viewers can get additional, relevant content in real time with the show.

Universal Pictures Digital Distribution Challenge Winner was PuzzleLot, which uses the casual gaming experience to let movie fans unlock content for upcoming movies by solving puzzles, creating excitement and buzz for new movies.

The NBCUniversal News Group Challenge Winner was RealAction, which allows for instantaneous social action for any disaster response and includes push notifications across all NBC News applications.

The Universal Pictures Digital Marketing Challenge Winner was Mooffi, which allows storytelling to become a socially engaging experience, transforming linear content into live interactive and immersive experiences.

The Universal Cable Productions/Syfy Challenge Winner was Inside The Galactica, which uses Oculus Rift and virtual reality to pull viewers into the Battlestar Galactica story, allowing friends to share virtual experiences.

And the Telemundo Challenge Winner was Catch Novella, which allows viewers – in a customisable way – to quickly catch up on storylines by using a simple timeline technology.

This is the second Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon, after the company's inaugural competition in June which resulted in the hiring of developers and product concept incubation.

"We hope to build on the home-run successes from our inaugural hackathon," said Sanjay Macwan, SVP and CTO of NBCUniversal Media Labs. "Merging the rich assets of the entertainment and media industry with leading distribution platforms and APIs, our hackathon is uniquely positioned to enable creative developers, start-ups, VCs, and academic groups to use technology in transforming how we tell stories."

Macwan added: "Not only are we opening our vault and challenging developers to disrupt traditional storytelling, but we also are giving participants the opportunity to meet with and receive guidance from top industry executives."