Over half (53%) of Ukrainians using the internet now receive OTT services.

What is more, according to the results of a study by Ericsson published by Mediasat and AKTR, they are willing to pay up to 40% of their cost of their internet subscription to receive such services.

Interestingly, the more they pay for those subscriptions the higher the percentage.

However, it should be noted that the basic OTT services in Ukraine are free, with fees only been charged for additional features, such as paid subscriptions to YouTube channels.

In the case of Megogo, which is the largest video service in the CIS, its marketing director Ivan Shestakov says that it is used by around 2 million people daily and only 5% pay for content. Furthermore, two-thirds of payments are made via smartphones.

The majority of OTT viewers (57%) in Ukraine access services via iOS devices.

They also pay considerably more for those services than Android users.