The fall in the value of the ruble is forcing some Russian pay-TV operators to renegotiate contracts with foreign content providers.

As a result, report TDaily and AKTR, some do not exclude the possibility that they may have to increase their subscription fees.

However, two that have ruled out such a move are ER Telecom ( and MTS, with the latter saying that most of their contracts have been negotiated in local rather than foreign currency.

Beeline, on the other hand, concedes that it is currently in negotiations with partners and is looking for a compromise solution.

Tricolor TV, the country’s leading pay-TV company, meanwhile says that the most urgent issue regarding exchange rate fluctuations relates to the transponders it has leased on Eutelsat 36A and 36B.

NETBYNET also aims to reach a compromise with foreign partners, while Rostelecom says it will be able to make details of its discussions public at the beginning of 2015.