OTE selects Eutelsat KA-SAT broadband satellite to deliver TV/Internet bundle
| 22 November 2014
Leading Greek telco OTE has selected Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite to deliver a range of new broadband services, including TV, across its domestic footprint.

OTE intends to be able to offer its wares to those who have previously not been able to receive such services, and promises download speeds of up to 22Mbps and upload speeds of up to 6Mbps.

The service requires a small satellite dish and modem and operates without the need for a fixed telephone line. Installation of user equipment is carried out by OTE qualified installers. Using the same dish, OTE’s satellite-based Internet service can be bundled with its satellite TV service to provide more than 80 digital and 25 high-definition channels.

“We are delighted to take our relationship with OTE Group to a new level by delivering the very best satellite broadband service in Europe, alongside OTE’s TV platform that broadcasts from the EUTELSAT 9A satellite, sharing the same orbital position as KA-SAT,” commented Jean-Francois Fenech, General Manager at Eutelsat Broadband.