LATAM connected TV shipments to near 70MN by 2018
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 23 November 2014
Latin America's connected and flat screen market is projected to reach 70 million units across the region's seven main markets by December 2018.

Analyst firm Dataxi estimates that 31.47 million flat-screen TVs will have been sold in the region by the end of 2014, fuelled partly by the World Cup boom. Of these, 35.7% will be connected TVs. The sales will increase year-on-year and the installed base across these territories will total 68.17 million by the end of 2018.

The first connected TV sets were introduced in Latin America in Q4 2010. Initially, the offer was focused on large screen, top-of-the-range devices, and web access was restricted to a small number of hosted applications.

As the report points out, the connected TV market started to grow with the introduction of new features and content apps, a strategy that TV brands adopted with the purpose of enhancing their offer to attract consumers. Initially, only the major TV manufacturers launched connected TV sets in the region, although smaller players have since entered the market.

By September 2014, the range of devices had been widened to include smaller screens sizes and usability had become a major focus for connected TV manufacturers.

All the major TV manufacturers have now signed agreements with international content providers, which are available for all Latin American countries. Specific content common to all manufacturers include YouTube, Twitter, Skype, Netflix and Facebook.

Dataxis believes that manufacturers’ mandate to promote the sale of connected TV sets with local content will favour the development of local video-on-demandvand over-the-topvapplications, together with news, TV everywhere and free-to-air channels.