The launch of local channels was key in the launch of the One TV platform in Cambodia.

“Local content is a key driver of sales,” said Anna Melnikova, strategy marketing executive, GS group, during the recent GS Summit. “And this is our first experience in foreign tv broadcasting.”

One TV is the biggest DTT operator in Cambodia, with a 75% technical penetration reaching eight provinces in the country. The service launches in 2012 and now has 70,000 paying subscribers/

The offer consists of three packages with up to 80 channels of local channels, international broadcasters as well as Russian channels. The cheapest package costs $4, the medium one $6 and the most expensive $10.

Mongkol is the basic tier with 28 channels, including Khmer channels, Asian channels and local channbels. Next comes the Oudom tier with consists of 60 channels and adds some international channels. Moha is the top tier with an additional 20 international channels.

Most people take the basic package, 44% Monghol, 42% Oudom and 14% have the additional international channels.

Anna Shutilova, content manager, GS Group, explains that the company decided to launch six channels, content ranges from cinema and drama to karaoke.

Cinema is the best-watched channel, 82% of all subscribers say they watch it regularly. Movies are both Hollywood and Asian and all titles are dubbed in the local language.

Sabay is a general entertainment channel, mainly for housewives. HD Lite is aimed at expats, and higher income groups and shows movies in English. It is available to 50,000 homes and has no commercial breaks.

One TV Drama specials in Thai, Hong Kong, Chinese and Philippine series, all dubbed.

Finally, there are two karaoke channels. One broadcasts classic karaoke, the other ‘modern karaoke’.
“These channels are not only about watching TV, they are also entertainment,” says Shutilova, “Instead of going to a karaoke bar, people come together with family and friends and watch the channel the channel at home. This is simple magic. You can bring this positive mood and experience to your subscribers. And it seems the poorer you are, the more you enjoy these channels.”

Initially, One TV had just one karaoke channel, “after this discovery we started a second, modern karaoke channel.” People can watch these channels as pure music channels, but they can also turn off the vocals and see the lyrics on-screen.”