The Russian broadcaster CTC Media has appointed Ruben Oganesyan the head of its proprietary channel Peretz, effective December 11.

Starting January 1, 2015, he will also assume the role of deputy CEO for strategic marketing of CTC Media. He will be be in charge of broadcast and promotional marketing, as well as advertising campaigns for all CTC Media’s channels and their projects.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Troitsky, the current head of Peretz , will leave the company on December 10.

Yuliana Slashcheva, CEO of CTC Media, said: “Ruben has a successful track record in working with gender-specific television channels, such as Peretz, and he is one of national leaders in TV marketing. I believe that Ruben will help Peretz to get to a new level, and being Deputy CEO for Strategic Marketing will be able to maintain the highest standards of CTC Media and give new and outrageous ideas to the Marketing Department.

“I would like to thank Dmitry Troitsky for his contribution, for the search for the new content of the channel which he started. I am certain that we will continue it.”

Ruben Oganesya added: “I have a great interest in challenging tasks the management of CTC Media sets, such as Peretz TV channel management and marketing strategy of the whole Company. TV Channel Peretz is close to me, because I am a part of its audience and that means I can do what I personally like. I love television and marketing, and I’m very happy to have an opportunity to apply my knowledge and expertise on a larger scale. I am confident that I will be able to bring Peretz’s development up to speed, and successfully promote all four TV channels of CTC Media by means of marketing. It’s great!”