New research from Ofcom has found that that older children aged 11-15 are watching half the amount of live TV per day as adults.

The data for the regulator’s Children’s Digital Day showed them to be watching some 1 hour, 32 minutes of live TV a day. However, at 33 minutes, they’re also spending six times longer than adults watching short online video clips on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Half (45%) of 11-15 year olds watch online video clips on websites every week compared with 20% of adults. These video clips account for around a fifth (19%) of overall viewing time for this age group compared with just 2% for adults.

Children aged 11-15 watch a similar amount of free on-demand TV – from services such as BBC iPlayer and 4oD – to adults each day (13 minutes versus 12 minutes). But a greater proportion of adults are likely to watch these services each week (38%, compared with 26% of 11-15 year olds).