ZZJ taps Tres 60 for RTVE, Canal Sur productions
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 27 November 2014
Spain's Tres 60 group has signed a deal with production house ZZJ through which three of the former's subsidiaries, Videoreport, LSL and Rez, will develop various formats for both the national public broadcaster RTVE and the regional signal Canal Sur.

tres60The group, which was formed after some of Vértice 360's audiovisual subsidiaries were bought by HIG Capital, will deliver services related to video, sound, lighting and sets for Cocina con Clan, which is to air on RTVE. It will also be in charge of screens and sound for Canal Sur while filming and broadcasting El Gran Queo.

In addition to the two projects, which Tres 60 will manage for ZZJ Producciones, the group will also collaborate with ZZJ on technical issues for Menuda Noche, a late-night show also broadcast by Canal Sur.