RTVE keeps Teledeporte, reinforces international presence
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 27 November 2014
New RTVE president José Antonio Sánchez has come up with a survival plan for the Spanish public broadcaster: in addition to saving and efficiency strategies, Teledeporte will be kept on air and its international presence will be reinforced.

rtve1"Following the audience's negative response generated by its closure, Teledeporte will continue broadcasting," confirmed Sánchez.

The channel will focus on minor sports and sports at grass roots level, although it will keep broadcasting larger events and championships.

TVE's Canal Internacional, whose satellite coverage had been reduced across the globe over the last year, will be reinforced. According to Sánchez, the main goal is to maximise the international audience, relaunch external commercial actions and even commercialise some advertisement slots in order to increase income. Thus, the network will see coverage grow on both cable and satellite platforms worldwide.

The moves are necessary as the channel has to deal with a huge public debt. Although a complete return to advertising has been dismissed for now, some slots may be sold on the international signal, while the monetisation of the international Web and a pay-per-view option for some video-on-demand (VOD) content are also being considered.

In addition to this, the so-called Plan de Sostenibilidad y Mejora de la Eficiencia http://www.rtve.es/corporacion/ will enable RTVE to save €20 million during next year - €2 million of which is related to production activities and €4 million to human resources, meaning the number of staff and directors will be reduced.