SBS9, the fourth channel from Dutch SBS Broadcasting is set to launch on January 1, 2015, on all major platforms.

The launch date was already set last September by its owners Sanoma and John de Molís Talpa. The channel will become available as part of the basic tier on the cable networks of UPC and Ziggo, as well as on the two Dutch platforms of the M7 Group, IPTV and satellite DTH CanalDigitaal.

Programming on SBS will mainly consist of movies and series with a special theme every day of the week, e.g. Mondays will be entertainment, Tuesdays will feature comedies, Wednesday action movies, Thursdays drama, Friday are set aside for family features, Saturdays suspense and Sundays romance.

A movie will start every day at 8.30pm. On the launch day, January 1, 2015, SBS9 will start with a movie marathon.

Content deals are in place with Disney, Warner, Universal and others.