ESPN goes all in with HD, TV Everywhere in Latin America
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 29 November 2014
Sports network ESPN has announced that all its content for Latin America will be broadcast in HD and available through different mobile screens.

In Buenos Aires, in front of around 700 representatives from the TV industry, ESPN presented the news and programming across all its platforms for 2015. From January, the network's schedule will be, for the first time, completely available in HD for tablets, smartphones and smart TVs through ESPN Play, the TV Everywhere platform that has delivered around 8,000 live streamed sports events already this year.

“2014 has been a special year for us, as we have overcome our goals,” said Guillermo Tabanera, senior VP and general manager for ESPN Latin America.

“The industry's dynamism drives us to invest more and offer more and we can say the sports programming is now in a good position to face the industry's challenges.”

Regarding content, ESPN will broadcast next year 15 different football leagues from around the world, including Spain's La Liga and England's Premier League, the Rugby World Cup from London, four tennis grand slams and ATP Masters 1,000, the NBA and golf competitions.