The consumer electronics (CE) industry expects to increase its turnover in Germany in this year’s Christmas sales period by 2.3% to more than €8.5 billion compared with 2013, according to German industry association gfu.

The fourth quarter usually contributes around 30% to each year’s turnover.

The sales of TV sets will climb by 5% to around 8.2 million devices this year, estimates gfu. The declining prices will, however, lead to turnover dropping by 1.5% to €4.7 billion. With a turnover share of 76%, connected TV sets are the most popular choice.

Smartphones and tablets will reach new record sales figures in Q4 2014 with 7.3 million and 2.7 million devices sold respectively.

In total, gfu expects the German CE industry’s turnover to grow this year by 2.5% to €27.6 billion – followed by an increase of almost 2% to more than €28 billion in 2015.