David Rubner steps us as NovelSat chairman
| 01 December 2014
As it says that it is preparing for a period of accelerated market growth, former ECI Telecom CEO and communications industry veteran David Rubner has been named chairman of the NovelSat board of directors.

NovelSat-Logo-Positive1Effective immediately, Rubner's appointment comes as the company believes that it stands at the threshold of a new era of growth in satellite communications. "The satellite communications market is heating up with more bandwidth demand coming from remote cellular backhaul, offshore operations, developing regions and UltraHD TV broadcast," explained NovelSat CEO Itzik Wulkan. "David has the industry experience and product knowledge to help push the company forward both as a market and technology leader."

Commenting on his new job, Rubner added: "The company's R&D and business resources are aligned to bring new technologies and solutions to an eager market. Together with Itzik and a fine team of professionals at NovelSat, I am confident that NovelSat will reach new heights."