RTVE workers protest over changes
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 01 December 2014
A series of dismissals and new appointments have changed Spain's RTVE over the last month, causing employees of the network to protest, saying that none of the decisions had been explained to them.

A month ago, as one of the first decisions made by new RTVE president José Antonio Sánchez, José Antonio Gundín was appointed director of news services. Last Friday - day which RTVE employees are calling Black Friday - Gundín dismissed Diego Arizpeleta, who was responsible for the international sector; Manuel Román, in charge of culture; and Mavi Doñate, who headed society; as well as a number of other journalists. This appeared to be the straw that broke the camel's back and RTVE's news team complained both to Gundín and through social networks, making Twitter its fighting field.

Many of the workers are complaining that there is no professional reason behind Gundín's decisions and say that they fear the moves aim to increase government control of the network, a concern which had already been flagged up with the previous director of news services, Julio Somoano.

Although it didn't name him directly, two months ago news council VP, Xabier Fortes, signed a letter along with 1,500 more workers highlighting the government's increased control of the network.